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Hans Art | Hans Art Automotive Hans
Hans embarked on his automotive career unexpectedly after fixing a hippy roommate's 1955 Pontiac so it could continue it's service of delivering unusually creative ice cream deserts to the very hip denizens of late sixties San Francisco late into the night. After being proclaimed a genius, Hans, always a sucker for praise, decided it might be a way to work independently and have a lot of free time to pursue a hipper life style while awaiting the revolution. As it happened, work crowded out the life style and the revolution was not televised. Since almost every young San Franciscan had a Volkswagen Beetle of one sort or another, business boomed (some twenty years later, Hans finally figured out that they were lousy cars!). The rest is history.

Sophia Chicas | Hans Art Automotive Sophia Chicas
Sophia was born in El Salvador and came to live in San Francisco in the Mission District at the age of three. She started working for Hans as a temp and has stayed for 20 years! Starting as the office clerical person, she rapidly learned about cars and repairs and especially about people and good customer service. Her naturally bright and cheerful personality has helped make our costumers' trips to the repair shop like a visit with an old friend. Sophia is responsible for overall customer satisfaction. She has received regular and rigorous training and is a certificated automotive service advisor. Sophia lives in Daly City with her husband Marlon, baby son Tiago Caleb and nephew Enrique.

Ernesto Chavarria | Hans Art Automotive Ernesto Chavarria
Ernesto Chavarria, Shop Foreman and Service Adviser was born in Nicaragua and grew up in San Francisco, attending The International Studies Academy. In the course of twenty years as a technician and shop manager, Ernesto has earned a Smog License and an ASC Master Technician certificate and has attended specialty training classes too numerous to mention here. He is married with children.

If you're looking for a local Auto Repair shop that you can trust, consider Hans Art Automotive. Ever since 1970, Hans Art Automotive has been providing our friends and neighbors in San Francisco with dependable, trustworthy Auto Repair services. Whether your vehicle needs a minor tune-up to a major overhaul, our trained service technicians are skilled at quickly diagnosing and pinpointing solutions to problems, saving you valuable time and money.